Julie Gill | Fine Glass Artist

Working with stained glass

is the perfect medium for  an artist

who paints with light and color.

What drives an artist to create? For Julie Gill, it’s a love of light and color.

“I can remember as a kid, I always tried to sit at the end of the pew at church. That way, I could play in the colored light the stained glass windows provided. I’d stretch my leg out in the aisle to make the color dance across my skin. I rolled my fingers in waves letting the warm red light change their form. I was amazed by the warmth and richness of the light. Of course, I had no idea stained glass would become my language of expression, but I knew I wanted to drown myself in it. And so now, all these years later, I am on a journey to explore and share the beauty and light of stained glass.”

A fine glass artist for more than a decade, Gill works with light and color in a way that’s often surprising. She has a talent for discovering what’s in people’s minds and hearts and turns it into magic. Putting colors together that wouldn’t seem to fit to the non-artistic eye, in a way that defines beauty.

In most artistic genres, there’s a recognized master. In fine glass, that master is Julie Gill.


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“It’s beautiful. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Jan Allen
“Julie does such fabulous work. Her work brightens my office and home. It just blew my expectations out of the park. She’s one of a kind!”
Chris Gattis


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