Copper Foil Master Class


Upcoming Class Week Dates

SEPTEMBER 9/7 - 9/15
OCTOBER 10/12 - 10/20
NOVEMBER 11/23 - 12/1
DECEMBER 12/14 - 12/22
Classes available during class week or by appointment only.

Please contact us if you'd like to schedule something outside of the above dates.

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Copper Foil Master Class - Abstract Rectangle Abstract Rectangle $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Circle Abstract Circle Abstract $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Angel Angel $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Celtic Cross Celtic Cross $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Christmas Tree Christmas Tree $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - 4 Leaf Clover 4 Leaf Clover $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Snowman Snowman $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Teddy Bear Teddy Bear $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Three Hearts Three Hearts $165.00
Copper Foil Master Class - Pumpkin Pumpkin $165.00
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Quick Facts About the Class

4 - 6 Hour Session

Master the Craft with hands-on learning

Ages 16+

Small Group or 1-on-1 Sessions

Learn stained glass creation in the copper foil method. This method was made famous by Tiffany & Co. in the production of their beautiful lamps. You'll learn everything from grinding to foiling and soldering on a large scale. 

Pair this class with glass cutting and you'll be on your way to creating beautiful stained glass artwork that will last for many years to come!

This class is for those looking to truly learn the craft of stained glass creation! classes may be taken together or separately in any order!

  • Learn to grind pieces to an exact fit and the next level of tolerances, fitting and the importance of proper glass cutting. 
  • Learn to foil your pieces centering exactly to ensure proper fit and hold.
  • Prepare your pieces for soldering and ensure the final fit is perfect.
  • Learn to solder large pieces and finish the pieces with frames and patina for an incredible finished product. 

Additional information

Class Pattern

Abstract Rectangle, Circle Abstract, Angel, Celtic Cross, Christmas Tree, 4 Leaf Clover, Snowman, Teddy Bear, Three Hearts, Pumpkin


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