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Two 4 Hour Sessions

Work hands-on with Julie

For Serious Students Only

Small Intimate Sessions

Learn the traditional method of leaded stained glass creation from Fine Glass Artist Julie Gill. Up and beyond the essentials, you'll learn tips, tricks and knowledge acquired by Julie over her 15+ years of creating artwork for clients.
This class is no joke! held in two 4 hour sessions, Be prepared for a crash course in stained glass creation start to finish!
  • Learn to create a stained glass pattern, how to cut it property and how to trace the image to your glass.
  • Learn to cut glass by hand utilizing the order of operations and gaining an understanding of the physics of glass.
  • Build your piece, slowly but surely securing the glass in to lead channeling.
  • Solder your piece to secure it for years to come.
  • Mud and clean your piece to take home.

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Lead Came Masterclass

Go ahead, pair it with another class and learn it start to finish!

Your future self will thank you!

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copper foil method Masterclass

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